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Erotic massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Tantra massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Nuru is a type of erotic bodywork in which one or more providers rub their body against the clients' body.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests.

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Tantra & Nuru Erotic massage - Erotic Massage Stars

By the way, the style of massage under this name does not exist: this is one way of expressing love for each other. Massage in modern (Tantra & Nuru) Erotic massage sessions is used as part of a love game and as a remedy. Our whole body is an erogenous zone. The depth of both the curative and erotic effects does not depend on the part of the body you touched, but on the state in which you did it, the degree of trust between you. The most sensitive erogenous zone is inside our head and deep in the heart. Even between professional masseurs and their patients, often feelings of sympathy, more openness, and sometimes love! During the massage, the energy of yin and yang (female and masculine primary) mutually flow from body to body, enrich each other. So why not use (Tantra & Nuru) erotic massage to develop and strengthen love in a couple? In Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical treatise, it is said: "If the spouses massage their feet before going to sleep, then not only health, but also mutual attraction will arrive." But many people want to enjoy the contact, and not to give it. To find the time and energy to massage your partner, you need to really love them! And here the ideas of Nuru & Tantra are helping. Before you, God or the Goddess, and you do not be afraid and do not regret giving! Only giving, you can get. In addition, when you do erotic massage to your loved partner, you can touch those places that are taboo for regular massage. But these places are the most sensitive, vulnerable and need such an impact! These are the feet, ears, crotch, pelvis, rump, abdomen, breasts of the woman and the prostate in men. This massage keeps youth, and sometimes heals.

Erotic Massage for women on critical days: Ask your partner to lie on the rug or folded several times the blanket face down. Place the two chairs backside-by-side next to her pelvis. Stand on the partner's sap, holding some of your weight on your hands. The toes should be pointed in different directions. With gentle pressure of feet, massage the buttocks and sacrum. Then kneel on the outside of the thighs and massage the same area with the palms of your hands and elbows. If the woman is dressed, then massage, deeply pressing the base of the palms. If the body is exposed - using oil, knead, stroke, rub the area of the pelvis. After this, you can go to the main method: force action on symmetrical pairs of points along the entire sacrum from top to down to the coccyx. Set the tips of the thumbs on the bony process of the last lumbar vertebrae next to the pelvic bone. Find the convenient grooves with your fingertips, simultaneously press the right and left fingers and hold for 10 seconds. Moving fingers below to a basin, pass thus up to the coccyx. This last procedure can be performed as an independent procedure if there is no time for a complex massage. Practicing Nuru or Tantric massage, you can invent your own techniques or open long known. It is very exciting and useful! An amazing way of relaxing massage came to us from exotic Japan, which since ancient times is famous for its subtle and passionate sensuality.

What is Nuru massage?

The main secret of Oriental Nuru massage is a special hypoallergenic oily gel, which can repeatedly enhance sensations. Nuru-gel is able to reveal all the possibilities of the well-known erotic massage, when the client's body is affected not by hands, but by his own body. It is transparent and has no smell, and still has excellent properties in order to fully experience the tactile sensations and emotions from the incredibly pleasant contact with the young body of the masseuse. Nuru, translated from Japanese means "smooth, slippery" and contains useful nori algae, as well as aloe extract, which, among other things, works perfectly on the skin, making it soft and silky. It is known that even an ordinary massage relieves stress well, but its spectrum of action is still limited. While massage with the use of Nuru gel gives complete liberation and amazing experiences, which completely relieve fatigue.

How is the best effect of Erotic Nuru massage achieved?

Erotic Nuru massage is mainly different from the usual erotic sessions, so that not only experienced women's hands explore the most intimate areas of the client. The attractive, sexy masseuse takes a preheated Nuru gel and applies it to her beautiful body and the client's body. After that, the skin becomes very smooth and soft. With it, it will be very easy to interact and the usual boundaries will wither away between bodies. The girl will slide on the body, massaging it with her round and elastic forms, leaving no chance for other thoughts, except for obtaining amazing bliss and relaxation. These strong sensations with waves of ecstasy will wipe out everyday fatigue and apathy. Nuru massage is expertly used to entice, excite and plunge into sweet experiences without the use of intimate services. The positive effect is achieved due to repeatedly reinforced tactile experiences and energy exchange.

VIP Erotic massage in NYC, Manhattan, New York City - "Erotic Massage NYC Stars".

1. Specially trained girls will reveal in a new way the potential of not only normal, but also erotic massage with the help of Nuru gel and its mouth-watering forms.
2. It is used high quality Nuru gel, which has no contraindications to use, does not cause allergic reactions and has a beneficial effect on the skin.
3. New experience will allow not only to quickly and qualitatively get rid of stress, but also to feel an unusual burst of strength and vivacity in the body.
4. Thanks to our beautiful sexy ladies, their clients will be able to fully experience the inexpressible sensations from the bright and strongly experienced intimacy without our beautiful masseuses.
5. Unusual pleasure will bring a new taste and diversify the sexual life of residents and guests of New York City. Feel free to call and order your Tantra or Nuru massage with Erotic Massage NYC Stars, in order to experience the unforgettable experience of fine erotic relaxation presented by Japanese traditions. Update your impressions of relaxation by adding a spicy note to them!

In the center of New York there are many places, hitting where you do not want to leave them. Walking through the streets with a special atmosphere, you discover a completely new world. This amazing city is rightfully considered the center of the world. People here are very friendly and sociable. At every step, there is a rush of energy. You can walk for hours and not feel tired. Visit the magnificent New York!

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Nuru & Tantra Erotic massage in FiDi Erotic Massage Stars for your pleasure & health