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Erotic massage is a unique fusion of healthy and pleasant action. Combining the eastern mysteries of healing the body it is able to combine a lot of pleasant features that can give harmony to the body and soul. Maintaining the physical health has become not only a popular trend. People often forget about the inevitable relaxation. Great professional Sydney based masseuse Kristina is a good choice for regenerating the body and muscles, mind and soul. Tantra massage is a sensual ritual to encourage vivifying sexual energy, to relax the body and mind. Massage will bring a peak of sensitivity throughout the whole body. You will enjoy the passiveness and ultimate relaxation during the session. You are constantly in the deep rest. Mutual massage is enriched by touching the lady back. Experienced masseuse will make tremble your masculine nature, barely touching your body with her sensitive fingers. The pleasure and even a full orgasm to every man is guaranteed! The charming masseuse will easily pile you into the languid relaxation of a luxurious massage for men, giving each client a surprisingly pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and subtle intimacy.

Erotic massage is a special kind of massage that helps to wake sensitivity and relaxation as well as to excite and get unforgettable sensations. While at most massage the masseuse will massage only with the help of fingers, in Nuru massage I use the whole body. Therefore, Nuru massage is extremely sensual, exciting and pleasant. There are exceptional feelings of pleasure and excitement in your body, ranging from the top of the head to the toes. It all starts with a hot shower after a long day. Then I will rub your body with extremely slippery Nuru gel from seaweed, and then proceed to a massage, during which I literally slide on your body. Thanks to a slippery gel, you will feel every touch and every touch feels extremely intense, and you will come to a state that you have never experienced before. Nuru massage, which is sometimes called body to body massage in Sydney, is a fun, playful and intimate kind of massage. We recommend it to anyone who wants to escape from the daily routine and experience something really special. Erotic Tantra & Nuru massage, Sydney, CBD, Australia +61 466 062 698

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Erotic massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Tantra massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Nuru is a type of erotic bodywork in which one or more providers rub their body against the clients' body.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests.

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How to relieve stress with Erotic Massage?

For relaxation after a hard day at work it's hard to come up with something more effective than massage and absolute relaxation. My erotic sessions in Sydney will give you unforgettable impression.

Do not be afraid to succumb to temptation. I respect safety, confidentiality and discreetness to provide you with complete relaxation of erotic massage. Men as well as couples who have decided to experience new sensations, relax and, maybe, even learn how to do a relaxing intimate massage and make the partner happy at home are welcomed. You will forget about everyday worries and problems with me. After the first Tantra or Nuru session you will feel like brand new person. Lingam adult massage normalizes pressure, returns harmony with yourself and the world and gives new, previously unknown sensations.

People react to touch for touch is one of the strongest feelings. In the process of pressing on the desired points, the hidden resources of the body become active and the vital tone increases. In the session of erotic body to body massage attention is paid to the shoulders, feet, genitals and buttocks - parts of the body that do not always have time to think about in everyday life.

Visiting me to get Tantra or Nuru massage session is a worthy alternative to going to the movies or hookah. You can relax emotionally and physically. It will be remembered for a long time. I am sure you will find your ideal scenario. Do you want to bring something of your own? Please let me know and we can make something up.

Sensual massage in Sydney is a good way of rest and exacerbation of feelings. Pleasant music and scents tune in to the right wave. It is important for me that you feels yourself absolutely free, unchained and desired.

In Sydney guys come to the erotic session with one throbbing thought about Lingam desired massage. "Do not I need tea-kneading-tenderness, it is possible to get closer to the matter?" But, no matter how strong sensual thirst, it is better to relax and feel the entire Tantra session, step by step. The process of taking a shower or bath with a young goddess, relaxing the body from her hands and body to body elements and gradually increasing excitement is necessary in order to have on your body instead of a hot spot a whole network of pulsating places. When the whole body is awakened and warmed up, the final discharge will be much brighter! Therefore, neglecting the introductory part of Nuru massage, you deprive yourself of the main pleasure in erotic massage.

The psychology of a man decides much. Yes, many guys already have the kind of signboard of an erotic salon to catch fire inside! But the best way is to "get into the taste" before the body to body massage, especially if you are constantly thinking about methods of increasing profits, or where it is better to repair the suspension.

If you want to be properly delayed after a hard workday - it is best to take a Tantra or Nuruprogram with a long relaxing or classical Lingam massage to smoothly rearrange yourself from the routine to the exciting atmosphere of relaxation.

Nuru & Tantra Erotic massage in FiDi Erotic Massage Stars for your pleasure & health