Lip Fillers ~ Lip Injections & Lip Augmentation | NYC! Smoothens the lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. As a result – more youthful look. Due to relaxation of the muscle, it has minimal contraction and wrinkles are not forming. Deep wrinkles and lines can also be subject to treating with dermal filler. As a result, skin is smooth and relaxed. This treatment is FDA approved and has been around for a long time. It is safe and requires no downtime – can be done over a lunch break.

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Lip Enhancement Using Injections & Fillers

Lip Enhancement Using Injections & Fillers

Anyone with thin, flat, or drooping lips can finally get the fullness and definition they’ve been wishing for. Men and women strive for this youthful look that appears natural and enhances the face.

Lip Enhancement Using Injections & Fillers in New York (NYC)

Recently, lip injections have been trending among Hollywood and social media. Celebrities and blogs alike rave about their new, full lips that add a bit a sexiness and self-confidence.

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Each case is different based on the original lip shape and form, and the product will be chosen based on the desired look during initial free consultation.

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