The 5 Best 2021 Sex Therapy Online Program


Sex therapy can assist if you’re having troubles in the bedroom. Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy that uses a variety of approaches, including homework, to help you improve your sex life. Touch is not used in sex therapy.

Sex therapists are professionals who are trained to assist individuals and couples in improving their sexual satisfaction and interactions. Because sex therapy is not included in most normal social work or psychology training programs, not every therapist is useful in addressing sexual concerns.

Although many online therapy sites advertise sex therapy as one of their services, relatively few of them allow people to search specifically for sex therapists. As a result, if you are especially looking for a sex therapist, you should ask any person you are matched with about their appropriate training. Although extra qualification or licensure is not required for sex therapy, any competent sex therapist should be certified in a related discipline (e.g., social work, marital and family therapy, psychology) and operating within their scope of practice. Although most states do not have particular standards for sex therapists, the state of Florida does license and regulate sex therapy practitioners.

There are other professional organizations that certify therapists as having the necessary training to perform this specific type of therapy. The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and the American College of Sexologists are the two most prominent of these organizations. Both of these organizations have directories of qualified sex therapists, some of whom work online.

Note: Depending on the nature of your sexual troubles, therapists may also advise you to contact a medical specialist to rule out any underlying health issues. This is especially true if you are looking for help with a specific form of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction1 or pain during sex. 2 These issues could be medical in nature, necessitating medical care in addition to, or instead of, sex therapy.

The Top 5 Online

The 5 Best Online Sex Therapy Programs of 2021

  • Best All-Around: Talkspace
  • Best Relationship Therapy Site: ReGain
  • Best for Live Chat: BetterHelp
  • Best for LGBTQIA+ Individuals: Pride Counseling
  • Best for Religious Christians: MyCounselor Online